6L6GC-STR RCA-Style black-plate - Matchad quad
6L6GC-STR RCA-Style black-plate TAD PREMIUM Selected
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6L6GC-SVT TAD-Tubes Premium Matchad quad
6L6GC-SVT TAD-Tubes Premium Matched
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Electro Harmonix 300B Gold Grid - Matchat par
Improving upon standard 300B tube grids, which are typically made of pure nickel, the gold...
2 300:-
Psvane 211-T/2 - Matchat par
The 211-T/2 Psvane Reference T-series getshipped as factory matched pair.
2 800:-
Psvane 845-T/2 - Matchat par
Psvane 845-T/2 Matched Pair
3 400:-
Shuguang 300B-98B / Mesh Plate - Matchat par
2 500:-
Shuguang 350C (6L6)
Shuguang 350C är ekvivalent med 6L6 men har en mycket snyggare kropp och en klang som lutar lite...
Tung-Sol 6L6GC (7581) matchad quad
he new Tung-Sol 7581 vacuum tube is an upgraded 6L6GC tube what will provide more headroom than...
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