Soundsmith - Aida
“The Aida” cartridge by The Soundsmith (formerly SMMC1) is a Stereophile A RATED cartridge. That...
16 250:-
Soundsmith - Boheme
The "Boheme” cartridge by The Soundsmith (formerly our SMMC2) represents one of our best...
9 075:-
Soundsmith - Carmen Mk II
The "Carmen" cartridge by The Soundsmith is a hand selected version of our famous SMMC3...
8 250:-
Soundsmith - Hyperion
The truest testament to the quality and performance of any audio component is what others in that...
64 500:-
Soundsmith - Paua Mk II
Each one hand crafted by Peter Ledermann - Made in the USA. Rebuild Price? $550 - Less than 20%...
33 750:-
Soundsmith Helios pickup
Our new medium output design, the Helios is otherwise technically identical to the Hyperion. The...
64 750:-
Soundsmith Irox Blue Pickup
Soundsmith introduces two levels of performance in “unbreakable” designs. A perfect solution for...
8 250:-
Soundsmith Mezzo Pickup
Our new medium output design; all other technical specifications are identical to the Sussurro.
40 500:-