Acoustic Signature från Eislingen i Tyskland har funnits i drygt tio år och de bygger skivspelare av högsta klass. Precision, vikt (i kg) och finish ihop med suveräna motorstyrningar, lager och motorer ger en stabil gång och en bra grund för riktigt bra vinylljud. Så här skriver pressen om Acoustic Signature:

 "The Final Tool is the smoothest running and/or best isolated conventional motor I've ever encountered at any price!." "..the Final Tool with it's solid construction, superb bearing, sophisticated electronic motor drive, provision for multiple tonearms, and a heavy, oversized, well damped platter might be the the best value out there" "..nothing at this price point compares in terms of built quality ."(Michael Fremer Stereophile Sept/2001)

Stereotimes: ..and is strong contender not only in its price range, but also compared to far more expensive tables. Combining the bass power and soundstaging capacities of popular "high-end audiophile" tables with the dancing and singing rhythmic abilities of the "musicophile" UK tables, the Final Tool will appeal to those who want it all.

Stereoplay/Germany: Acoustic-Signature Mambo! "Everything is perfect on this turntable"

Hi-Fi & Records: The Mambo is convincing from the first note;.. It was completely solid, was perfect structured. The dynamics of the bass was the best I've ever heard.

Stereoplay/Germany: At the first view the Acoustic-Signature Challenger looks like " an ultra solid high-end turntable". This stands also for the sound not only the look. The Challenger offers an ultra deep fundament that's clearly focus, extraordinary sound, excellent craftsmanship, a real Stereoplay Highlight.

Hi-Fi & Records: A turntable like nothing before. Mechanical engineering at it's best. Sound quality of the Analog ONE MKIII is free of any mistakes with a very fast and dynamic bass and rhythm. Voices, timing, rhythm, everything perfect.

Acoustic Signature WOW! XXL Skivspelare
Den tyngsta modellen i Acoustoc Signatures "WOW!" serie, XXL. Bygger på sina småsyskon, här har...
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Acoustic Signature Primus
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Acoustic Signature Novum
The NOVUM is a fully new design. A lot of new ideas never been done before here at our factory.
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Acoustic Signature - Triple X
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Acoustic Signature - WOW inkl tonarm
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Acoustic Signature - Manfred MkII
Drive unit 1 Synchronius motor, electronically regulated fully mains decoupled adjustable,small...
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Acoustic Signature - Barzetti
The Barzetti turntable; combines the precision of high mass turntable designs with fresh and...
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Acoustic Signature - Challenger Mk3
The Challenger turntable weighs in at 23kg, to offer you our statement entry level high mass...
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