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Turntables – cultural heritage or anachronism?

Since mankind considered storing music or speech, electromechanical devices came into the focus of inventors and developpers. From Edison’s first gramophone on a roll there was a short way to discs as we still have them nowadays. The principle is always the same – acoustical energy stored in grooves that can be tracked by a stylus generating electricity recreating the information. From wax to shellac there was a long way until in the fifties vinyl became available and the mass production of records started. From then on there was a media capable of storing acoustical information with high accuracy – the High Fidelity was born and this was also the date of birth for stereophonic records.

The level of perfection already achieved in the mid fifties still is stunning today. Not knowing how to do it the first engineers recording stereophonic records did a brilliant job on the “Mecury Living Presence” or the “RCA LSC/LSP” records to name only the two most famous ones. At that time the home equipment still lacked in performance in comparison to the studio gear and it took a real long time to reach a standard of real High Fidelity in our homes. After two decades the breakthrough came in the 70’s and in the golden age of vinyl manufacturers like the german DUAL were able to sell thousands of turntables each month. Then the CD appeared – the rest of the story is well known…

Nowadays most of the famous brand names and products have disappeared from the market and even the largest manufacturers only sell a fraction of what was sold til 1982. The LP was demoted to a niche product and faced a revival nobody had expected. Millions of records dozing out there only waiting to be played again. But no need for them to worry as there is a growing number of gourmets that neither want to have the haptics of an LP be replaced by a digital record nor do they want to miss the emotionality and sensuality of an analogue record!

Growing from our love to the music – especially the reproduction of analogue recordings – we have decided to develop turntables that do not only coze you because of their flair and elegance but also reveal each and every detail to your ears.

Look, listen, see and get involved, sincerely yours,

Dr. Christian Feickert