Music Hall LLC was founded in April 1985. It is a company dedicated to manufacturing, importing and distributing well priced, top quality, high-end audio components. Its emphasis is almost exclusively 2-channel (stereo); a rarity in this day of iPods and multi-channel products. It has grown over the years to become one of the pre-eminent distribution and manufacturing companies in the industry.

Music Hall manufactures its own range of turntables in the  Czech Republic. These are produced in a factory that has been making turntables for over 50 years. All Music Hall turntables come fitted with arms, cartridges and dust covers. They consistently make the "Recommended Components" list in Stereophile Magazine.

All of our products have received accolades in hi-fi magazines around the world.


Roy Hall

Music Hall

Music Hall MMF 9.3 (utan pickup)
Skillnaden mellan MMF 9.3 och lillebror MMF 7.3 är:
19 990:-
Music Hall MMF 7.3 (utan pickup)
Den främsta skillnaden ligger i att Music Hall har försett storebror med ProJect´s eminenta...
15 490:-
Music Hall MMF 5.3SE med Ortofon 2M Bronze pickup
Skillnaden mellan MMF 5.3 och SE-upplagan är:
13 995:-
Music Hall MMF 5.3 med Ortofon 2M Blue pickup
Med MMF 5.3 har man tagit ett kliv upp i Music Hall´s seriösa program av påkostade skivspelare.
10 995:-
Music Hall MMF 2.3 med Spirit MM pickup
Amerikanska Music Hall har baserat konstruktionen kring ProJect´s fina kolfiber-tonarm, bara det...
4 990:-
Music Hall MMF-11.1
Music Halls nya toppmodell, så ny att info fortfarande inte finns. M
40 000:-